Let It Grow! Five Fundamental Tips For Growing Your Beard

So you want to grow a beard? Well, the way to do it is evident as you start by putting down your razor. However, there is a bit more to it, especially if you want a remarkable, full and impressive collection of facial hair. While a lot of it depends on genetics, there are more than a few ways to help your beard grow into the full, thick and luscious beard you have always wanted.

Today we provide you with five fundamental tips for growing your beard. This will help you grow in that impressive mane that you have dreamed of. We also have five proper ways to take care of your beard that will assist your beard to become even thicker and impressive. Have a look at the five fundamental tips for growing beards below and get started growing that beautiful mane that you have longed for!

Prep Yourself!

Taking care of yourself and your body is an excellent way to kick start the process of beard growth. Getting enough rest, eating a protein-rich diet and eliminating stress are all key factors that assist in hair growth. All of these examples provide your beard with nutrients while drinking at least eight glasses of water daily will help your body all around. Taking care of yourself is unquestionably the single most important step in the process, and a key to a healthy lifestyle as well.

Do Not Give Up!

You have to stay with it, and you also have to realize that it does not grow overnight. This is all about time and effort, and sticking with it through the itching. After a few days, you will finally see some growth which offers motivation for the future. Just know that the itching will ease after about a week. It is at this point that you need to start thinking about your grooming routine and your beard shape as well. Whatever you do, do not give up!

Keep It Clean!

A clean beard is a brilliant beard! Scotch Porter beard wash is a perfect way to achieve exactly that. Keeping your beard clean, as well as the skin underneath will help with growth and moisturizing. However, don’t let excess soap build up in your beard and carefully pat your beard dry; no rubbing your beard dry. Keeping a fresh beard is a big key to growing a brilliant beard!

Grooming & Care!

While washing and keeping your facial hair clean is necessary, keeping it suitably groomed is a major factor in growth. Keeping your beard moisturized with beard oils, balms and more will help with growth, as well as the scent. Trimming your beard will also help, and will allow you to change your beard shape and length. A well-groomed beard is more than just a great looking beard; it also provides stimulation for growth and thickness.

Get Some Rest!

While this may seem a bit odd, it is certainly true. Your hair grows best while you are resting. Your body can use the nutrients from your diet and promote cell division at the root of each hair strand. This means more hair, thicker hair, and healthier hair. Resting well also helps to reduce stress, and as you probably know, stress is a major contributor to hair loss. Keep calm, get plenty of rest, and grow out your impressive beard to its limits.


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