Drake’s “Views”: A Situational Playlist

It was but a week ago that Drake delivered his fourth studio album Views into the Hip-Hop ether. The project is equal parts singing and rapping, with Drake tossing a bevy of emotions our way, as per usual. And like most Drake projects, Views comes equipped with songs that could arguably soundtrack our lives. This time we were lucky enough to have a whopping TWENTY tracks. Imagine that? So why not provide some situations where these songs would apply? Here is a breakdown of what you can be doing or how you should be feeling while playing some joints off Drake’s Views. Take physical and mental note.

“Keep the Family Close”

You know that friend you have who always wants to call and complain about their lives, but then heaven forbid you have ONE BAD DAY and want to vent about it to them? That’s when they’re *insert ghost emoji* and “too busy” to talk.


This song is idyllic for a pensive car ride. The ones that happen at dusk when the sky is indigo and you start thinking about life at that very moment, and then you turn off the road to a 7-11 and grab a Slurpee because something has to cut the tension you’ve created in the air.

“U with Me?”

When your ex finds you on a dating app and direct messages you like, “OH ON THE HUNT I SEE?” and you just want to live and find a date for next Friday. Swipe left on the past, bruh.

“Feel No Ways”

You’re at a party mingling with random people and some busy body walks up to you and refers to you as “so and so’s ex” and their face is so animated when they discuss the break-up that you want to shove their face into the punch bowl and run out of the house.


If you drive a Lexus, this is perhaps the anthem of all anthems for you. Ignore that ’07 business.

“Weston Road Flows”

This is the track for when you head to your hometown to hang out with your mom, and you casually do a drive by of your old high school, the courts where you used to ball, and of course that convenience store you used to hang outside of. Nostalgia set to music.


You’re at the mall trying to figure out your jeans size at the men’s section of H&M and there’s your ex holding a pair of jeans right next to you. You’re praying she is buying them for her little brother, but that engagement ring says otherwise. *crying face emoji*

“With You”

You’re single, Jet Blue offered a huge deal on flights to Florida, and you’re South Beach bound with your best friend to go get into some trouble in linen shorts and house shoes.


A new relationship where the trust hasn’t exactly been established has left you in the dog house because you forgot to delete your dating app and in some grand gesture you show your new girl your phone and she’s like “WHAT’S THIS?” Now you’re coming up with reasons why the relationship was doomed because you’re afraid you’re about to be dumped.

“Still Here”

LUCKY DAY! You’re heading to the club and you’re not the designated driver!


The moment when you text someone you’ve got a thing for with “We should hang out soon” and the reply is “How about tonight?” Boom.

“One Dance”

You’ve identified your love interest at the club and you’re dancing together, and it feels like you’re the only two people in the room. At least until one of your boys runs up to you drunk and sweating and yells about the bartender. Ultimate buzz kill.


Your boss handed you some box seats to the Nets game, so you grab your closest friends and you’re all wearing shades and drinking champagne indoors at the Barclay Center. You swear you walked past Jay Z too.

“Childs Play”

For when you’re at the Cheesecake Factory, clearly… Go ahead, order one of those Well-Mannered martinis. It’s cool.

“Pop Style”

Your tax refund arrived, and so did all your friends’ so you all buy a bottle at the club and spend the night Snapchatting about it.

“Too Good”

Thank goodness you found that deal on a weekend trip to Punta Cana or else you wouldn’t be standing at that resort sipping on a Piña Colada attempting to use those three words you learned in Spanish on the flight there to ask the cocktail waitress for a dance.

“Summers Over Interlude”

…when the cocktail waitress agrees to that dance.

“Fire & Desire”

Uh oh, you’ve fallen in love, and you can’t get up! The pimp hat is being donated to charity. You’re done. Game over, player.


…and now you’re going to lock it down. Look at you.

“Hotline Bling”

Not to suck the romance out of the room, but come on. You know when that hotline bling…it could only mean one thing (we’re talking about a booty call, here).

Drake’s Views is out now via Apple Music.