Man-Bag Survival Guide: What To Pack For Daily Domination



Congratulations! You’ve gotten this far and accepted the fact that you need a man-bag. Gone are the days of the back pocket bulge, leaving men in chiropractors’ offices because of the damage uneven sitting does to your lumbar spine. It’s a new day, and more often than not you’ll find the truest gentlemen taking pride in their crossbody bags of honor than hiding them like they did in yesteryears. But now that you’ve made the plunge and found a bag to suit your needs, it’s imperative to understand what actually goes in that bag. Most will toss a phone in there, a wallet, and leave it at that. Then unnecessary incidents occur like their cellphone dies. For what? All that space in your bag and you didn’t pack a charger? See, this is where we come in, providing you with a checklist of items to keep in that man-bag. Before we continue, there’s a disclaimer: this bag is not synonymous with your laptop bag. That’s a whole other bag, unless your man-bag calls for that amount of storage. So let’s proceed as if your laptop isn’t your travel buddy today. It will leave your bag with plenty of room to pack the essentials.


This may seem like such a no brainer to some, but how many times have you gotten to lunch with your buddies or dinner with that special someone and did “the search,” only to come up with zero results? Pack your wallet first. Don’t be that guy.


Another one that seemingly slips through the cracks or everyday travel prep. Most man-bags come with that cool frontal pouch (even the featured photo has one). There’s a reason for that, and it’s not to give you a place to put your hand. Slip your cellphone in there. Now. Seriously, do it.

Cellphone Charger

It’s just a plug, guys. Throw it in. Then the infamous “my phone died” will never happen to you again.

Cellphone Power Bank

Another essential for anyone who travels more than five miles from their home each day. Power banks are those portable battery packs that connect to the wire of your charger and juice up your phone when you’re convinced it’s dearly departed. The reason for these are quite simple: sometimes there are no charging outlets nearby (i.e. train, airplane, cafés with rude owners, power outages, etc.). This power bank can save you. Trust.

Ear buds

For the long journey to wherever your destination may be, don’t make that journey in silence.

Nail File

It’s small enough and for the best. Hangnails creep up, or even worse you had no idea your thumbnail was so long. Slide a nail file in there.

Hand Sanitizer

No one is telling you to be compulsive with it, but it is flu season and germs are widespread. You don’t need a bucket, just a travel size of unscented, unless of course you enjoy smelling like an apple orchard.


For your hair and your beard/mustache. We got you covered on combs right here.

A Book

Most sites will argue to carry an “e-reader,” but real talk nothing adds to the laws of attraction like men reading books. There are Instagram accounts dedicated to this. Look it up, and thank us later.


You already know. Hands looking like they went to combat and didn’t survive. Don’t let this happen to you. Once again, a travel size will be fine.

Lip Balm

Face says Seattle, lips say Sahara. Don’t get caught out there.


For the impromptu gym trip or for one of those “running out of the house in a rush and forgot your deodorant” days. Travel size will be fine here too.

Pack Of Tissues

Colds produce runny noses, need we say more? Plus this travel pack of tissues will save your life when you realize that public restroom is out of toilet paper.

USB Drive

If your work computer is staying at work, but you want to bring your data home OR your work buddy just got a rip of a new album and you may want to sample it before buying it. ALWAYS BUY THE MUSIC THOUGH.


Grab a collapsible umbrella that will store nicely in your bag, without taking up too much space.


A granola bar, a travel sized pack of almonds. Anything to help you in between meals, because once you get “hangry,” there is no stopping your behavior.

Stain Removing Pen

In case you’re a sloppy eater or that printer ink jumped right on your shirt, this pen will ensure that you can move onto your next destination without looking like you wore purposely dirty shirt.

Notebook And Pen

For journaling, task lists, #TBT, whatever.