I Love Your Beard BUT…: Shivone Guadalupe


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In this installment of I Love Your Beard BUT…, we feature the fiancée of our SP Man of the Month Carlos Matias. Her name is Shivone Guadalupe, and she loves her man’s beard. A Lot. So while we’re still riding off the high of Valentine’s Day, we chat with Shivone about what she loves about Los’ beard. She has some favorable things to say…at least until his beard comes between them.

Name: Shivone Guadalupe

Occupation: Account Services at Uniworld Group

What do you love the most about your guy’s beard: I love pulling on it when I kiss him. They’re like love handles for your face!


(Photo: Instagram

What do you hate the most about your guy’s beard: Sometimes, I think he loves his beard more than me.

Advice to guys on what to do to better their beards: Wash, rinse, moisturize, and repeat! I love it when my man’s beard is baby soft and smells good.


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Advice to ladies on what to expect when their guy grows a beard: Try to control yourself around your man in public places. Beards take your man’s sexiness to another level.


(Photo: Instagram