Cuffing Season: Your Guide To Awesome Cufflinks



Cuffing season is finally here! No, we don’t mean the moment when the weather is chilly, and you’re boo’ed up with someone. We mean when the weather is chilly so you wear a full suit and can rock some fresh cufflinks. Now, some have some theories about cufflinks, and the theory is that they hate them. Some gents love to roll up their sleeves and give off that “I’m a professional but I keep things casual” look, while others are all about the accessories. That’s where cufflinks come into play. In addition, they serve as ideal ways to express yourself—through cuffs that represent your personality to ultimately stylish cufflinks that are the mark of a true sartorialist. And yes, some cufflinks are pricey, but they’re investments. Just understand that the more you spend on some cufflinks, the longer they will last (and arguably the more timeless they will be). So check out our picks for some great cufflinks at a variety of prices.

The onyx is here!



Brand: Hugo Boss

Price: $225

Onyx is classic. We don’t mean the legendary rap group, but they’re great too. Here though, these Hugo Boss cufflinks are a nice dab of dark to your cuff. It’s a subtle accent, but a slick one.

BAM! BAM! (No Pebbles)



Brand: Cufflinks, Inc.

Price: $55

Are you the kind of guy who walks around with his own sound effects? You might be, and they just might be all in your head. You know those Batman fight words from the comics and TV series? Well here are some BAMs! for you. Wear them, but don’t go punching people because #peace.

What’s that cufflink? Margiela?



Brand: Maison Margiela

Price: $365

Shout out to Kanye West and Jay Z for making Margiela an everyday presence in rap lyrics (and also upping the tax bracket for fashion spending). While these cufflinks are a little pricey, they’re obviously a long-term investment and the most stylish way to throw up the “roc.”

Every superhero needs his cufflinks.



Brand: Cufflinks, Inc.

Price: $60

For the superhero in all of us. When you rock these, you better not change in a phone booth. That suit stays on all day long, but you can still fight crime. Can’t you?

Wake up and smell the rose…gold?



Brand: Lanvin

Price: $180

Rose gold is perfect for anyone who can’t make up their mind over silver or gold. It’s literally the greatest middle ground, and these cufflinks from Lanvin are a dope geometrical shape that will make your cuffs pop.

God save McQueen



Brand: Alexander McQueen

Price: $175

It’s all about the skulls, man. McQueen’s signature skull makes a cool as a fan presence on these cufflinks, and rocking them (at an arguably affordable price) will have everyone know you’re fashion forward.

Look sharp like a shark tooth



Brand: Givenchy

Price: $290

Givenchy shark tooth cufflinks are sturdy and rugged, just like you. Be careful though, they might bite your arm. Just kidding, they won’t.

Button up



Brand: Paul Smith

Price: $150

Here is the perfect cufflink for that guy who doesn’t want to wear cufflinks but kind of does. They look like buttons, but they’re not. Talk about ideal.